24 April 2011

My First Post "Introo"

Hi all... It's my first post, eh ?

Ok, today i wanna share anything about my self :
Full Name : Elenvia Firsty Karno 
Chinese Name : Ji Pei Xin
Nick Name : Elen, Via, Pei Xin.
Date Of Birth : March 28 1998
Blood Type : B
Religion : Christian
Height : 161 cm
Weight : 45 cm
Hobbies : Reading, Listening to the music, Playing my loppy, and so on ~

I Like to talk English , although i do so much mistakes
I Like to eat Sweet or Spicy food
I Like to read Comics and Magazines
I Like to watch Drama
I Like to have so many Friends
I Like to Learn something new
I Like to Go shopping xD

Hmm... so.. what should i write again...? i don't know what to write.. just give me a comment if you wanna ask me something about myself . :D

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