25 April 2011

My School 'SMPN 1 Tanjung Selor'

Hi all ~

Today i'll tell you about my school ~
SMPN 1 Tanjung Selor, it located in Skip 1 street in Tanjung Selor, Bulungan
It's a nice school, with a large school yard, with 24 classrooms, 1 Language Laboratorium, 1 Computer room, 1 Library, and 2 Canteens.

This School has so many extracurriculars, let me mention them one by one. they are :
- Marching Band
- Pramuka (Scout)
- PMR "Palang Merah Remaja" (Youth Red Cross)
- ICT "Information of Communication and Technology"
- Badminton
- Pencak Silat (Indonesian Martial Arts)
- Painting

- Dancing

Anyway, This School also has so many teachers. i can't mention them one by one, they're more than 30 teachers. :) And more than 600 students ~ :)

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